I Am A Hopeless Romantic

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I am a hopeless romantic stalker, I wake up listening to the wonderful voice of Justin Timberlake now and then. I am the mole that is constantly looking for a hole. For me, that hole was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Now mind you, I’m hopeless, the first thing that comes to my mind think of when I see a girl is usually the word, “kawaii”, that’s if she actually is; the word “kawaii” means cute in Japanese, so everywhere I go I’m bound to cross paths with someone that’s “kawaii”. I spy on those who expect it the least at unpredictable times, I fantasize about the romantic future ahead of us. Occasionally, I would stalk them, but not for long. I still wonder to this day, what pushed me to make me want to stalk someone vigorously? Some may say it was love at first sight, I thought the same until she broke my heart. Her name was Maya meaning illusion, a simple yet a delicate name. Besides her inner qualities, she also had an attractive figure like there was a magnetic field drawing others to her. She had a curvaceous figure for someone who is barely above five feet, though the word short would never come across the mind. She would most of the time wear lip gloss, making her give of a unique sex appeal. Her eyes had the color of a deep blue, like you could see the vast ocean in them. The smoothness of her skin could be compared to a newborn babies and the color of her skin was that of baby powder; making it almost impossible to determine if she was actually
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