I Am A International Competitor

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I am a learner. I am a sporting competitor. I am not afraid of failure. I am eager to learn the lessons required to reach the top. I dare say it is a very pleasurable mix. My views on learning are not extraordinary. They are however centred on comprehensive and investigative approaches to engineering problems. I am happiest when I am identifying problems – in a complex circuit, in control systems, logic and digital circuits or simply the detection of flaws in coding. When the problem is accessible and simultaneously acts as an intellectual stimulant I recognise an automatic leveraging of inner resources and a gearing up of the mind to solve the issue. I find myself thinking furiously adopting several parallel courses of action and a range of approaches which will result in the best fastest solution to the problem. The entire exercise is meditative with the focus resting solely on the end result. Every problem can be solved at different levels of abstraction and by implementing different strategies. So then, the knowledge base acquired through class lectures and the committed guidance from tutors, from peer reviewed journals and publications, from interactive workshops and seminars, from the engaging technical discussions and debates comprise the raw material to work with. What a qualified professional does with the vast pools of information largely decides the shape his career takes. The vast application potential and tremendous scope for a successful career in the field

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