I Am A Junior At Ballard High School

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I am a junior at Ballard high school but I take classes at Shoreline Community College as a running start student. For my first two years of high school I took Advanced Placement (AP) and honors level classes. In my AP classes I had splediferous teachers that always helped me and explained everything wonderfully, but they always gave busy-work and only focused on preparing for the end of the year AP exam. In community college each class is only 10 weeks long so the teachers have to give out focused assignments. Running Start is a more efficient way to learn than taking AP courses in High School.
In high school AP classes, teachers would often give out work that kept the students busy but had little value in itself. These assignments were used to fill up time because the AP classes would last the entire school year. This was not true in community college classes because teachers only have a quarter to teach their subject. In college, its your responsibility to do your homework. Teachers don’t constantly remind you what is due when. It only affects you if you decide not to study for a math test, or wait until the night before to write an essay. Due dates are much stricter, which makes time management a key ingredient for success in college. This prepares students for college, graduate school, future jobs and life. Running Start is a more efficient way to learn compared to AP classes because the classes have a more focused curriculum.
I have more free time compared to my peers

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