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I always think back to when I was just a kid. I had a happy childhood from what I can remember. My parents both died in their sleep when I was about six years old. Doctors could never find out why, they called it a "medical mystery" or whatever. It was harder on my older brother, Noah. My younger brother Justin was just two years old when it happened. He barely even recalls my parents now. After our parents death, we were adopted by a Japanese couple. It was pretty cool considering our family was also Japanese too, so we wouldn 't lose our culture. Our adoptive parents names are John Izanagi Lee and our mother 's name is Linda Izanami Lee. Our parents always acted weird around us and told us about their lives back in Japan and how people basically worshipped the ground they walked on. When I was about nine, I finally asked why people worshipped them so much back in Japan and they sat me down and told me. They explained to my siblings and I that they are creator God and Goddesses. I was in total disbelief! But I finally believed them of course, my parents had never lied to me, ever. They told us stories of the creation of the Islands of Japan. They then began to explain that my siblings and I were also deities. But we mustn 't tell anyone! They told my brothers all about the job of the Susan-ô, which is the violent god associated with storms and the sea. My older brother, Noah ,was crowned that job. Then my brother Justin was crowned the moon God, Tsuki-yomi. Then it came

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