I Am A Leader Is Fulfilling Because

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Interview I Being a leader is fulfilling because it entails both technicalities of the job and how to empower followers effectively. I am inspired by my followers’ future to become a good leader, and my role model is Jack Welch due to his passion for his followers and the vision to change the world for better. I am passionate about competence, self-discipline, and trustworthiness. I am a transformational leader and an empathic and self-aware leader. To ensure collective accomplishment of both organizational objectives and the followers’ I often conduct casual meeting where I encourage them to air their views for them to feel empowered. I help them understand their strengths and weaknesses so as to ensure their personal development. I also…show more content…
Proper communication ensures that both the objectives of the organization and those of followers are collectively met. I support them anytime and in any situation. I encourage their personal development by fostering active listening and amicable conflict resolution. I create high-performance work culture through employee motivation and knowledge about the specific sales skill. I motivate them by building their optimism or positive thinking. My work relationship with my followers is professional. Challenges I encounter during day-to-day leadership duties includes failure of the sales team to meet their quotas and deciding when to keep or fire a member. However, I solve them by giving objective explanations to the upper management and making objective judgment regarding the member’s ability. Interview III Being a leader is difficult yet fun as I interact with different kinds of people. Leadership entails directing and encouraging people to perform at their best. I am inspired by the task itself because it requires coordination of activities with other individuals as well as listening to their constructive feedbacks. My role models are the followers themselves. I ensure that the followers are well equipped with community values and proper ethics because the greatest passion for a leader is relationships, participation, community organizing and ethics. I am a servant leader because I
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