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i want to forget. and i 'm trying. but this is so hard. he 's a liar. he 's a cheating lying piece of shit. but i love him. i love him with every little splintered, cracked shard of my broken heart. he 's the reason it 's like that, broken i mean, but i can 't help it. he 's the one that knocks me down, but the hand that picks me up is always his. i know i shouldn 't keep going back to him, but there 's something about him that just.. i don 't know. draws me in? that sounds about right. it 's been 3 hours and 47 minutes since we most recently broke up. yes, i 'm counting, don 't judge me. i miss him already, but i can 't, i can 't go back to him. i need to forget.. i.. i HAVE to.

but i can 't forget without letting go. but i can 't let them go without keeping them safe somewhere, just in case.

so here goes...
My eyes snap open and the damp stains on my plain white ceiling loom out of the nothingness. As usual, my alarm is the sound of my parents, arguing again. I roll my eyes and dress quickly, donning a plain white t-shirt with a green flannel and black jeans. The screaming and shouting grows louder, and by this point i 'm fairly sure the whole building can hear it. Too tired to put up with their bullshit I leave by the fire escape. I jump the last few steps and begin to walk to school. I 'm just putting in my headphones, ready to escape, when a voice sounds.

"Jordan!" the familiar voice shouts. "Yo! Jord! Wait up man!"

"Will, i 'm not in the mood man."


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