I Am A Liberal Conservative Is More Open Minded Than Some Other Political Ideologies

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I am a Liberal. A Liberal is more open minded than some other political ideologies. They believe we should all be equal and have the same opportunities in life. The government should help us so we can all be financially stable. Things like health care and food stamps are important because the government should help all of us, if we cannot do that for ourselves. Although liberals want help from the government they don’t believe they should control what we do in our personal lives. They are very big advocators for women’s rights for this reason. Focusing on actual government, a big belief is that federal government should have more say over citizens instead of letting state government have control over what we do. Along with having laws they believe more laws will help us. It is a way to keep people in line and provide equal opportunity for everyone. I identify as a liberal but I don’t hold all the same beliefs as the typical liberals. I come from a big Hispanic Catholic family; I am one of five children. Growing up I would stay with my grandmother most weekends because my house was always so hectic. I obviously was taken to church every Sunday with her, where we would meet with the rest of my family. I would attend my Communion classes before we went to mass. I remember my teachers always telling us how loving and accepting God is. We would sing and color all through class, everything just seemed perfect. When the priest would preach during mass he would say how forgiving…
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