I Am A Male, Black, Asian, Upper Class, Lower Class

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Tall, short, skinny, fat, white, black, Asian, upper class, lower class, kind, strong, loveable, rich and famous, we all have our share of traits that we would like for our mate to possess. Do we really know what we want? Are we bias because of what society portrays or do we focus on what our culture has shown us. It has become common today to dismiss what our feelings and emotions tell us as it relates to love and marriage and go off of what society portrays. When it comes to the topic of mate choice/marriage and who we want to spend our life with or even have sex with, most of us would readily agree that as Meredith Small states in What’s Love Got to Do with It, “we are attracted to some people over others, drawn like a magnet in one…show more content…
As I believe in marriage and everything about it, the couple must have time for each other or they will end up only focusing on the kids and loose interest in each other. We see it often in the headlines of famous people who get married, have kids and live a happy life, like the Obamas, but on the other hand we see others like the Why Marriage Matters article states with Jon and Kate. They were married, had eight kids, but ended up divorcing. It is very important that we choose our mates carefully and realize that marriage is for the children and their stability but also most importantly for the two people that love each other. Because I believe that people should choose their mates carefully, work at it, and not get a divorce, is why I like Flanagan’s ideas more than Small’s.
I have always believed that opposites attract, On the other hand, Small beliefs are that we are drawn to people who are similar to us and should marry someone who is just like we are. On page 153 she states, “It makes evolutionary sense to bump into, marry, and make children with someone like yourself.” Although I truly feel that my husband and I are totally opposite, I do agree that we probably have more in common than I truly realize. We have known each other since elementary school and have always worshiped together at the same church. So I would agree with the statement in What’s love got to do with it that
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