I Am A Man Has Ever Dreamed Of Doing

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The Final Verdict I, impey barbicane have done something no man has ever dreamed of doing, planning and executing a 3.5 day long journey to the white and gray, dusty, rocky surface of Earth’s one and only satellite, the Moon. Yet here I am, with my Philadelphian armor making rival, Captain Nicholl and French poet, Michel Ardan. The ride is not a fun one; rather the opposite. In fact, my arms and legs are so tired, I just wish I could be a mere infant once again, holding on to my mum and not having to do anything at all. Nicholl is great company, as realizing that we have more things in common that we thought a year ago, we have actually become great friends. He has even requested me to put him in the one and only famous Baltimore placed…show more content…
After a little while, we will be grasped and sucked into the Moon’s gravitational field, where we plan to circle until it is surely safe to land on. We, pioneers of interstellar travel, explorers of the space, cannot see anything outside our miniscule capsule for three men, as the walls are thick with aluminum, which is not a transparent metal sadly, but rather opaque. This is another flaw in our capsule that Nicholl had pointed out to me, but I was cocky and overconfident to shrug aside as an elephant would do to an ant. But now, I lament and grief over this decision, as it was a very fundamental one to my notes and observation. being a part of the first three men to ever travel in space, I must return to my mother planet,the Earth and return these writings so humanity can learn and create, plan, and execute more of these expeditions just as I have. There is nothing for me to look at, or observe so I decide to sit there and close my eyes, just as Nicholl has decided to do. It isn’t long before I fall into deep sleep, as my whole body aches. Moon Ahoy! I wake up to Ardan’s loud talking. In case you never knew, Michel social Ardan is an extremely social fellow and will announce every single thought he has in whatever pea of a brain is in between his eyes. Once I finally open my eyes, Nicholl rests his hand on my shoulder. “It’s time,” he tells me and I know exactly what has happened. I take a brief glance at Nicholl’s timer, it’s
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