I Am A Man 's From Texas, By John Gunther

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“If a man’s from Texas, he’ll tell you. If he’s not, why embarrass him by asking?” This quote by John Gunther, author of Inside U.S.A., reflects the pride I have for my great home state of Texas. Being a Texan means more than just saying one lives in Texas; it is the sense of opportunity and power, which promotes individualism and acts as the common identifier for all walks of life by instilling the feelings of belonging and pride. If presented with the decision to choose between being an American or Texan, one or the other, then my answer would be a quick ‘Texan’ as if that should even be a question. Growing up in a small town in Texas, from the time I was born, I have been instilled with the values of southern hospitality, independence,…show more content…
Little government interference is what Texans seek as a whole, and I agree with that goal. I enjoy being able to have a variety of family-owned restaurants and shops to experience, and it is made possible by the Texas government respecting the rights of small business owners. Not having to eat and shop at chain businesses alone allows me to support local citizen businesses. In the state of Texas, the phrase “bigger is better” is often used; however, that is not the case when it comes to the size of the state’s government. Texas emphasizes power within local government, allowing the voices of citizens to have a larger role in influencing state legislature. Granting autonomy to local government has established a better relationship between citizens and the legislative body. This directly reflects Texas’s political stance against large governments due to the fact that local governments are less likely to be influenced by outside parties such as corporations that hold more money and greater lobbying power. I feel as if the lack of influence interest groups play in Texas government compared to the national government reflects a greater sense of democracy and allows the majority opinion of all citizens to be presented rather than a select group of interests. The traditionalistic influence religion has on Texas and its government is something I support and appreciate as a citizen. I am not considered to be in
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