I Am A Master Of My Own Destiny, By The United States Of America

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In the United States of America, there are over 300 million people. Each one of these people have heard messages that tell them that they are in control. Whether it’s their own lives or those around them; Americans are bred with the idea that complete control is possible. This idea is not a new concept for Americans. In fact, Americans have had overinflated ideas about control since we decided that it was necessary for us to control the rest of the nation via Manifest Destiny. The reason that I choose to focus on Americanized control as my final narrative is because it is something that I’ve grown familiar with in my life. It’s always the same kinds of people buying into it and being lead astray to the troubles that come with having such a strong desire for control. In fact, I was once a believer in that ideology. I once thought that I was the master of my own destiny, but I was wrong. As I got older and time went on, every single thing that I’m writing now is everything that I’ve seen in others. In other words, knowing that a person has no control over their life is something that I understand intensely. I understand it so well that I can breakdown some aspects of the type of control that affect Americans like me. These characteristics of control are: the punishment of those who seemingly lack control, that planning is a placebo and therefore does nothing, and working hard amounts to nothing. Control is sold to people on the idea that it’s achievable by all and only
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