I Am A Master Of Writing Essay

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Writing in Engineering

When most people think of engineers, they think about people who are extremely skilled in mathematics and in the sciences. They might think about an engineer sketching a design into their notebook. No one ever thinks about how much an engineer has to write. Without writing, engineers would not be able to spread their ideas to one another in an effective manner. In order to be a good engineer, you obviously have to be a master of your mathematics and sciences, but you must also be a master of writing.

Through an investigation into the world of writing in the engineering field, multiple signs became apparent. To confirm these findings, two interviews were conducted. The first interview was conducted with Thomas Casavant, a professor here at the University of Iowa. The second interview was conducted with Michael Schnieders, an assistant professor also here at the university. Their personal insights into the world of engineering provided an ample amount of information over the academic and non-academic writings an engineer must partake in.

The information, gathered from the interviews and research, painted a clearer picture of the types of writings an engineer should expect to see. Overall, most engineering writings are very objective. The main purpose of most engineering writing is to spread information to others, whether they are other engineers or if they are the general public. Their writing style is ingrained with this idea in mind.

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