I Am A Middle School Special Education Teacher

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Topic Choice I am a middle school special education teacher in a 1:8 resource classroom. I give specialized math instruction to two sixth grade classes, two seventh grade classes, and two eighth grade classes. The majority of my students perform between a kindergarten and second grade level. The exhibited math achievement gap across my classes is disturbing. Even though my students are identified as special needs, they should have made gains to their ability levels by middle school.
Math skills are necessary skills. Math is everywhere. Students need to learn basic math skills, at minimum, to be successful in life. After learning basic math skills, they should be exposed to and encouraged to learn more complex math skills. This will only increase their chances of success. “Mathematics are all around us. It is present in different forms whenever we pick up the phone, play games, manage our money, travel to some place, play sports, meet new friends; unintentionally in all these things mathematics are involved (Sumisha, 2012)”.
To learn math properly, skills should be taught in a scaffolded manner. Basic math skills should be taught and then built upon, with complex math skills being the teaching goal. With the incorporation of technology, which is engaging to students, students will likely learn and be able to independently use more math concepts. “The purpose of scaffolding math instruction is to provide students who have learning problems a teacher supported transition from…
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