I Am A Military Professional

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I am a military professional with a background in Computer Science. Immediately following my commission into the U.S. Air Force, I was selected to attend training to become a Cyberspace Operations Officer. During my studies I have gained technical proficiency in enterprise networking and cyber defense. I am writing to receive admittance into the Masters of Technology Management program at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies. With the knowledge learned from this program, I wish to enhance my skills of leading IT specialists, fostering technologic growth, and managing IT projects for increased operational efficiency and innovation. I received my undergraduate degree from North Carolina Agricultural and Technology State University. The curriculum was very broad, and highly methodological. The courses I attended highlighted the fundamentals of programming, networking, and cyber security. During lectures, my peers would ask “how?” and apply the lessons theoretically, writing codes for and building personal computers. My attention was focused more towards “why?” I was interested in learning about the distinct role that the computer network plays in our everyday lives. I was not the most ‘technically savvy’ in my class. My interests were quite different from a typical comp sci student. I would compare myself to everyone around me, and felt inadequate. The constant comparison took a toll on my confidence. As a woman in a predominately male degree
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