I Am A Monk From A Small Church

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Hello my fellow Christians. I come to you today in deep personal peril. I have built my career making Icon frames my entire life. I once felt I was helping people seek refuge with our glorious god. Connecting them to not just to our holy saints but also to Christ himself. Yet now I stand wondering if I have strayed them wrong. Have I sent my fellow men, woman, and even children to damnation while I profit. I am a monk before an artisan, yet I may have cursed my fellow followers to hell. This is why I am here, I want find out if what I have been doing helping or hurting innocent souls, and if so to repent my sins. I look toward you all and ask that you look at this with not your minds or wallets, but instead with our souls and look toward god for guidance. In these trying times we need him more then ever I am not a very educated man; I am a monk from a small church in Constantinople. I make religious object, including icon frames to help myself and others connect to god. I make very intricate frames with precious metals, such as gold, and jewels for churches (Carr pp. 195) but I also make simple ones for the peasants to have in their homes. I take time making sure each frame, no matter how simple, highlights the holiness of who ever is depicted in the icon. When I view the final work, I always viewed it as a celebration of the person, especially Christ. I look at it a remember Christ’s sacrifices for my sins and the rest of this world filled with sins of every kind. When
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