I Am A Monster Fighting Family

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I wish I had a certain superpower not anything like invisibility or Superspeed those all have difficulties, I wish I had the power to go back a few minutes ago and change what I did, see there’s this one mistake that my sister just won’t forgive me for and it 's not even that serious. Pretty normal everyday thing to write about right, but my family is interesting. okay where should I even begin.
When I was born it wasn’t all that calm, see my family was kind of fighting a giant spider, and my mom was shivering in a corner complaining. I’m not exactly sure what happened before that, but from stories my dad told me we were a monster fighting family. At first thought you probably would think around these words, Awesome, Fun, and Dangerous.
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Now dad is calling me. Later that day...

It turns out that it was something very important that dad had to tell us.
Usually dad’s all like “You forgot to clean the bathroom” or something along the lines of that. What he said was a little bit exciting, see after I was one years old. We didn’t fight more monsters. But just now dad and mom got a call from the .m.f.h.p., if you haven 't heard of it before it stands for the “Monster Fighting Help Place” .Anyway whenever there 's any kind of trouble they call us. This time they called and they said there was a giant slime. One slime no big deal right, wrong because when you kill one gigantic slime turns into two slightly smaller slimes kill them and you get three smaller ones and so on (that 's a lot of slime kids to take care of). So of course my parents agreed because we’ve never turned away from a mission, and we probably won’t start now.

“The slime problem is in Georgia not Florida.” Mom told us disappointingly .

Which is fine by me. “I also have a surprise for you all!” she shouted excitedly.

I thought that maybe we could get candy before we go. “It will make our trip harder though” she explained.so it hopefully was not candy.

“We are having a baby boy!” she shouted loudly.

I asked eagerly “Why did you wait
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