I Am A My Fears

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I Believe in Conquering My Fears My largest obstacle in this life will always be my own anxiety-ridden mind. Conquering my fears is one of the most terrifying, wonderful, and encouraging things I can achieve. Nevertheless, it is a difficult goal to reach. It is as if a battle is continually being waged in my head whenever I face something unfamiliar. Once these worries set in I retreat into myself, believing I must conquer my fears alone. This is a difficult idea to break free of, remembering that I am not alone, that someone much larger than I can, and will help, becomes almost impossible. However, God is not one to stand by while his children hurt, when I am falling to pieces, God always steps in, one way or another, to remind me that I am, and I never will be, alone. I am glad I have this apprehension because it motivates me and makes life much more gratifying. This fear has brought me closer to God in many ways, anxiety serves as a reminder that I need to let go and give every worry to the Lord. I believe, when I control my fears instead of running from them, I improve as a Christian and am able to accomplish more in life. I first remember allowing fear to control me when I was ten years old and my father was deployed in Kyrgyzstan with the Air Force. Because he was not directly involved in combat operations, I did not fear for his safety. Nevertheless, it was the first time I experienced a long separation from one of my parents and I felt less than secure.
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