I Am A Native Staten Islander

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I am a native Staten Islander. Both my parents and set of grandparents were born on Staten Island as well, so it 's no surprise I was too. Much of my family lives on Staten Island and my whole childhood memories and reflections are all based off being Staten Island. I do appreciate the childhood memories I have as well as some of the people I have met, but I have mixed feelings overall about where I am from and most days I do not like it. I definitely agree it has both it 's pro 's and con 's at times.

As much as I hate to admit it, there are things I enjoy about Staten Island. Most of these things come from believe it or not, the few tourist attractions Staten Island is home of. The architecture on Staten Island isn 't bad. I think the Verazzano-Narrows bridge speaks volume when it comes to that, which connects from Staten Island to Long Island and is visible from a spot in all 5 boroughs. My personal favorite starts with the Historic Richmond Town which was founded as the Staten Island Historical Society in 1856. The museum 's focus creates opportunities for the public to explore the diversity of the American experience from the colonial period to the present. Richmond town is 100 acres consisting of 28 historic buildings dating from the late 17th to early 20th centuries, half still standing at their original locations which makes the experience visiting overall more realistic and interesting. Another reason I like Staten Island is because of Fort Wadsworth, which is one

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