I Am A Neonatal Nurse

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Nursing has a variety of different specialties. The specialty I am most excited for is neonatal. Neonatal nurses are nurses who care for premature babies, otherwise known as neonates. They have many different job responsibilities, including, assessing a client’s pain, caring for them, and understanding what is best for the specific client. Despite all the criticism about my career choice, I have reinforced my decision by learning about the effects of stress, the type of care nurses implement, and best practices of neonatal nurses. Before coming to school I knew I aspired to be a neonatal nurse, although I was not aware of everything that went along with it. I was a premature baby, along with my older sister. We were both diagnosed…show more content…
This at first, did not make a whole lot of sense to me, but now it does. When a baby has gone through stress in utero, they have built up a tolerance to stress and pain. Their bodies have felt factors of strain, and can deal with it a lot better than babies who have not been exposed to stressful events before. However, after a neonate is born, it is critical to prevent stress as much as you can. Babies are constantly being assessed, held, bathed, and fed. Swaddling has been proven to help distress neonates by being wrapped up in a blanket tightly (Buonocore & Bellieni, 2007, p. 87). You can imagine the immediate shock neonates encounter once leaving their mother’s womb. “There they desperately suffer while discovering their new, constricted condition. They are pinned to their little bed by gravity, deprived of their usual reassuring gestures (sucking their thumb, playing with their umbilical cord, placenta, or feet, masturbating, or swallowing amniotic liquid) because of their lack of motor coordination. They have lost their freedom and any kind of potential initiative; they are now submissive and become passive. Many of them escape into their own world and anesthetize their perceptions; they dissociate themselves, which later on will influence their way of living. I am often brought
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