I Am A New School

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It has been quite the adjustment not being able to see my baby sister whenever I want, however I am not as distraught as I assumed I would be. Watching you start a new school in a new city, with no familiar faces is an unbelievable challenge that you have conquered. While I do miss you dearly, seeing you thrive in your new environment has only made me proud. It reminds me of when you switched schools in the sixth grade and went to the Academy of Notre Dame instead of St. Patricks School. You were so excited and nervous to start this new chapter of your life, just like you were going into Drexel University. However back in 2008 do you remember how upset I was that you were switching schools? Even though I was two years older, not having you at school with me seemed unbearable. I was a complete mess and tried everything to convince you not to switch, I recall I even cried when you got in. Looking back now, I am so glad you did not listen to me. Choosing to go to a new school because you were unhappy at St.Patricks was an incredibly brave choice. At the young age of 11, you already knew yourself well enough to know you needed a change, regardless of me not supporting your decision which I am sure only made it harder. This was also one of the first times you stood up to me when we were younger. With my tough personality, I frequently bossed you around but when you broke free from my tight grips and made the tough decision to switch schools and enter the unfamiliar for your

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