I Am A New School

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It has been quite the adjustment not being able to see my baby sister whenever I want, however I am not as distraught as I assumed I would be. Watching you start a new school in a new city, with no familiar faces is an unbelievable challenge that you have conquered. While I do miss you dearly, seeing you thrive in your new environment has only made me proud. It reminds me of when you switched schools in the sixth grade and went to the Academy of Notre Dame instead of St. Patricks School. You were so excited and nervous to start this new chapter of your life, just like you were going into Drexel University. However back in 2008 do you remember how upset I was that you were switching schools? Even though I was two years older, not having…show more content…
I also believe it was the beginning of how you took your favorite motto “choose happiness’ and started to live your life by this saying. When you first started to tell me to “choose happiness” I thought you were crazy, since I had no idea what that even meant. You best described it as, happiness is your decision even though there are so many negative things to focus on in life there’s even more things to be happy about. Life will then be easier if you focus on the good and choose to be happy. The more and more you would tell me to “choose happiness” the more I began too. I have a difficult personality, as I know you know, my anxiety can get the best of me and makes me imagine how things should go and when they do not go as planned I freak out, which leads me down a negative thought process. You are the complete opposite, you go with the flow and always have a positive attitude. Since your personality is the opposite of mine you constantly catch me when I am being negative and tell me to “choose happiness” while I do find it annoying at times, you are right. There is no reason to not see the positives in situations that are unpleasant. I thank you for putting me in my place all those times because my tense personality has softened and I can now go with the flow more because of you and your positive influences. It truly does amaze me that you are so confident in your choices because you know everything will work
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