I Am A Non Bangladeshi Person Visiting Bangladesh

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I grew up in a small city called Dhaka in Bangladesh. Living in a country where the population density is around one thousand people per square kilometer, you are bound to socialize and interact with people from every class and every religion. These interactions helped me to build up my characters and to make me the person I am today. Before I moved to America, I had spent almost eighteen years of my life in a neighborhood called East Raza Bazar in Dhaka. It was a very small neighborhood compared to the neighborhoods I have seen in America, but the population in my community might be multiple times higher than the largest community in America. The one thing I really like about the people of my community…show more content…
They were competitive, but this competition was not about winning against other people. Rather it was about winning against all the obstacles around them that is preventing them from reaching out to success. They were not scared of taking risks. Many of the people I know from my neighborhood, took risks in life both financially and socially, and they became top entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, entertainer in Bangladesh. Sure, those risks they took in life could have hurt them, but they did not want to be what the society or their then financial situation wanted them to be. Surely the risks they took cost them lots of hustles, but nobody said greatness comes easy. If it did, everyone would have been successful. The difference between winners and losers is persistent. The people I know that became great entrepreneurs, engineers etc., took risks in life and was patient for success. The bamboo tree takes five years to break through the ground, after it has been seeded in the ground. In these five years you have to nurture it with care. If you do not, it will die right in the ground. But after five years when it finally breaks through the ground, it takes only five weeks to grow ninety feet tall. Success is the same process. You have to be patient, hardworking and confident in order to achieve success. You got to be great to get started, but you got to start to be great. You cannot fear to take the occasional risks in life to reach success. These are
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