I Am A Nontraditional College Student

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Since I am a nontraditional college student who is taking online classes towards my BA degree in Accounting, learning is the same compared to a classroom setting. Learning is taking in knowledge from the world around me, making sense of it, and respond to it in an appropriate manner. Anybody can learn stuff by memorizing the information, but do not engage with it. Therefore, you must have intentional learning. You can understand yourself as a learner, and understand how to develop your skills as an intentional learner. My views of learning changed so much the last five weeks, because of knowing my LCI(Learning Connections Inventory) scores that are the four personal learning patterns: Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence. My learning patterns help me engage in my critical thinking, reading, and writing. Being a successful learner doesn’t happen by chance, it happens because of a prepared mind. I am a dynamic learner that my LCI scale scores use one or two patterns at the use first level and the rest of the patterns are avoided, or use as needed. My LCI scores are Sequence 16, Precision 20, Technical Reasoning 13, and Confluence 28. My sequence and technical reasoning are my avoids, my precision is use as needed, and my confluence is use first. I avoid Sequence because I don’t like orders or lists, and I have bad organizational skills. Also, I avoid Technical Reasoning because I don’t care how anything operates, and it runs. If it’s broken, I will
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