I Am A Normal Human Being

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First and foremost, I believe that I am a normal human being. I don’t consider myself to be out of the ordinary except for my love of Prince, but if you don’t like Prince or his music, can you even call yourself a human? I digress, I thought that going into this assignment I would find out more interesting things about myself, however, I learned quickly that that wasn’t really the case. See, what was interesting to me was very boring and weird to others, especially my friends that aren’t in theater. When I would go up to them and explain the new things that I am doing, they would kind of just look at me and secretly judge, but it also let me know that I was enjoying learning more about myself.
All my life I knew that I was flexible jointed and that I could do a lot of things such as putting my leg over my head and interlocking my arms and moving them all around my body without breaking that lock, but I also discovered that I could do other things without even noticing them. For instance, I tend to bounce my knee whenever I am really into a story that I am telling, but also whenever I am really passionate about something. Another thing that I noticed is that when I sit, I sway from side to side or front to back, but I just have to be in motion. It’s just something that allows me to burn off the extra energy that is within me. I think that all the little things I do, such as leading with my left foot and having my right face outward as I walk explains why it kind of looks like…
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