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If given the opportunity to be a part of this program, I will take full advantage of the resources provided by the program in order to better prepare myself for the future ahead of me. I will inquire my Heart 2 Heart Mentor how to prepare for the GRE, how to become a competitive applicant, and how to be a successful student in professional school, particularly at DMU. In addition, I will develop a rapport with my Admissions Advisor, who I hope will guide me all the way to physical therapy school matriculation. In addition, I aim to create lifelong relationships with the other nine students in the program, expanding my network with connections from around the country. The program appears enriching and eventful, and I am most excited about the hands-on component, especially the anatomy and the Human Performance labs. I have taken anatomy only in high school, and it fascinated me with its complexity of the human body. The deeper I ventured into the subject, the more lost I was in its immensity. Being able to work with a cadaver at DMU would be a surreal, captivating experience. Regarding the Human Performance Lab, being able to diagnose and treat patients through motion analysis sounds like a unique, non-invasive treatment plan which I believe could revolutionize modern medicine. One particular subject I wish to discuss is current healthcare topics. Particularly, I want to be educated about US healthcare disparities, the root of these disparities, and what I can do as a
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