I Am A Pastor At A Church

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“Find your calling! Your mission! The one thing God has ordained for you to do for the rest of your life!” These were some of the words that I heard being preached to kids my age since I started going to youth group in 7th grade. I heard these words, and I was excited. I was excited, but also nervous, and scared, but hopeful at the same time: hopeful that one day I would find my calling for my life. I would wonder my thoughts, thinking, what is my calling going to be? And where is it going to take me? Am I going to be called to be a Pastor at a church? Is the church going to be small? Will it be huge? Will it be far away? Or will I be called to be a missionary? Will I be called to go preach the gospel to thousands of civilians in East Africa? Or will I just be called to be a one on one counselor? Whatever it was, I couldn’t wait for God to tell me what it was. A year or two went by, and people all around me were receiving their calling. My sister was called into Worship ministry, and my older brother was called to be a youth pastor. My friends were being called to be missionaries, doctors, counselors, pastors, and all other sorts of things. And there I was, still waiting to receive my calling. I thought, maybe I’m just not ready for it: Maybe God’s timing hasn’t come yet. I was born into my family as the middle child. I wasn’t born as the take charge, do it yourself, first born leader, like my oldest brother: or the spontaneous, outgoing, nosy princess, like my older
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