I Am A Person Who Is Impaired, Disturbed, Sensitive, Misunderstood, And Smart

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This question is on that has plagued many lost individuals for years and will continue to do so. I have racked my brain for ages trying to find my place among my peers. With much thinking, I have narrowed this topic down to five sub-topics that I think define me almost perfectly. Who am I? I am a person who is fixer by nature, shy, sensitive, misunderstood, and smart. I am a fixer by nature because I tend to take on other people’s emotions and problems. I try to fix these people and their problems. For example, if I were to happen upon an abandoned woman who is sitting on the curb at the convenience store crying her eyes out uncontrollably, I would have to stop and ask numerous questions in an effort to console her. I don’t know why I…show more content…
I also cry during the ASPCA commercials containing pictures and videos of abandoned, abused, emaciated, helpless, little animals. I know that I can be an enormous ball of self-pity at times. How can I ditch these feelings of complete anguish? I can’t! There is nothing I can possibly do but be me. Beneath the many layers of emotional turmoil, lies a happy, fun, and energetic being yearning to emerge from the darkest depths of deception. The inner workings of a deep seeded individual such as me can be perceived in several different ways. One may be disturbed, strange, odd, or often mistaken, but by all means, I am neither of these common misconceptions. My brain is quite complex when it comes to understanding crazy social scenes and large outlandish public gatherings. I truly dislike being surrounded by large unruly crowds of people because there is no place for a timid, scared, being to run away and hide. I feel as though I am the main attraction is some type of freak show or big top circus! I feel as if everyone is staring, pointing, and laughing at me when in all actuality no one ever noticed my meager existence. I don’t know how to be a part of a group, team, or an outgoing member of a long lasting sisterhood. The crazy thing about this lonely situation is that I have always longed to

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