I Am A Person Who Plans Things

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When it comes to work ethics from the previous paragraphs one can assume I am a determined person who plans things. I am honest, responsible and accountable. I treat everyone dignity and respect keeping in mind I in return will be treated the same. I was taught those characteristics or skills from my parents. My parents have always taught me the value of hard work. As a result I tend to be a workaholic sometimes even going above and beyond. Now with school and work I have learned my limitations and is practicing to say “NO I CANT DO IT”. I need to start considering my self care and put my needs first before other things, failed to do so can cause burn outs. It took me a while to realize this and is a work in progress; I tend to burn myself out from work. Therefore this year I joined my local gym to produce endorphins and work on myself. I can also work in groups or can complete tasks on my own. Preferable I enjoy working alone. I hate having to wait for people to complete their portion of the work in order to do mine. Working hard has its benefits but we must keep in mind our health if we are not happy then the service we provide to others will be bad.

My ultimate career goal has always been to one day open my own practice and provide counseling to the children population. Being so, I did my part and researched programs in the counseling field. I didn’t want to be a psychologist because doing research and case studies is not intriguing. I enjoy helping families, children,

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