I Am A Phd Student

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Now I am a PhD student, and I have done many research projects and think back about what the changes that happened to me since I started graduate school. Many thoughts came to my mind. I looked back, and I remembered myself one year ago. Actually many things have changed in my personality. I started to look at the people through a different lens, and that I accept every opinion from anyone. I do not judge people anymore because I know people have different issues in their lives that they went through, and those personal issues have shaped their lives. I developed a passion for helping others, even though my schedule is so tight (family and schoolwork) but I enjoy helping others and listing to everyone who is in need. Reading Hample’s article shed some light on many things I have never thought about. The knowledge domains in Hample article are area, connections, epistemology, pedagogy, profession, and politics. All of these domains were explained in details how the PhD student has expanded his knowledge toward his area of specialty through many things such as looking for connections from another specialty. Because producing knowledge is a gathering of information, it does not build from one person” whenever two or three are gathered together, someone spills the milk!” I also noticed that being an academic is not only to teach, but to deliver your message to everyone especially to those who will make a difference in our community. To build a good foundation of your
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