I Am A Poet By Michael Waters And Mihaela Moscaliuc

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On monday night, poets Michael Waters and Mihaela Moscaliuc read their poems at the visiting writers series. It was the first time I have heard live poetry and it was a different, as well as challenging, experience. As I am used to analyzing and tearing apart poems on paper, it posed an obstacle as I had to merely sit and listen. The sound aspect of poetry was emphasized. I could not sit down and reread the poem, and make connections, I had to experience the poem as a moment. Mihaela Moscaliuc read from her collection of poetry first. She grew up in Romania, under an oppressive totalitarian regime. In an interview with San Marcos Mercury, she was asked “You grew up in a Romania under the crushing censorship of the Ceausescu regime. How in the world did you decide to become a poet?” Moscaliuc answered by saying,“I never decided to become a poet, really. I would say I’m someone who writes poetry, someone who writes out of need, out of guilt, out of various fears.” At the writing series, she mentions that if she never left Romania, she never would have written poetry. In America, from a distance, she writes about how the politics and social issues define her. Perhaps, being separate from it, allowed her to examine it. She said that the world touches each of us and defines us and that we are a product of various histories. She read a poem about a monk she attempted to seduce and one about the people affected by the Ukraine nuclear reactor ordeal. As an immigrant, she spoke

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