I Am A Prison For Women

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For Erin George, everything stopped spinning and her world began to disintegrate when Judge Ann Simpson sentenced her to 603 years in prison. Hearing that you have been sentenced to 603 years in prison, is nothing short of ____. In A Woman Doing Life: Notes From A Prison for Women, Erin George gives us an insight as to what its like to go from living at Rappahannock Regional Jail to making Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women her new “home”. No one prepared Erin for what was to come, with her new sentence, but she knew she had to create some sort of comfort for herself in order to survive. George also allows us to see her vulnerable side while enduring the hardships of both, her personal life she left back home, and the new life she…show more content…
When being transferred from RRJ to FCCW, she was surprised at how the prison looked like an office park rather than a prison (George, Johnson, & Martin, 2014). Once she arrived at Fluvanna, reality strikes her and she realized quickly, from here, there was nowhere else to go, ever (George, Johnson, & Martin, 2014). George spirals into a dark world by planning her suicide down to every detail so that she were successful. Until, the sergeant pulled her aside and asked her if whether or not she needed to go to mental health, and Erin swiftly regrouped and began to fake it to cope, in return she began to heal (George, Johnson, & Martin, 2014). George was classified into security level 3, which is one of the highest level for women, this was all based on a numerical rating system where certain factors, are worth a predetermined number of points (George, Johnson, & Martin, 2014). Donna, George’s friend, had her own opinions as to how inmates should be classified. For example those who don 't shower, should be placed in one room, those who steal, in another, and inmates that enjoy fighting, in a room locked so that they can has things out (George, Johnson, & Martin, 2014). Moreover, George always looked forward to mail call. She enjoyed the most, when he mother would send her newspapers articles, song lyrics, pictures of her family, or crossword puzzles (George, Johnson, & Martin, 2014). Lastly, George expresses how her privacy diminished, after the
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