I Am A Professional Athlete

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I was sixteen years old when I was asked the question every High School student has to eventually answer. Where do you think you’ll be ten years from now? My answer was always, Playing professional soccer in Europe. It seems like a big cliché when a high school student responds with wanting to be a professional athlete. But it was my passion, I worked very hard at it and I was good at it. So it only made sense to go with my heart. I knew to be a professional soccer player was what I wanted and I never hesitated to say it. Until I was asked,” Well, what if that doesn’t work out. Then what will you do?” Now, I know it wasn’t wrong for my teacher to ask that question but it did change the way I thought about my life and my future. I’ll admit I went to a Technical High School, so it wasn’t the best school to get scouted out of for any sport, no matter how great my soccer career was at that school. Now I am Eighteen years old and graduating high school and my next stop is vacation in Portugal for a month. This may have been a vacation for my Dad but for me it was a stepping stone to my future, as I was getting ready to have try outs with one of the biggest Soccer teams in Portugal. At least that’s what I was told was going to happen. After everything was said and done, my try outs were with a third division team and not a top team in the country. This meant I don’t get paid. As a person who doesn’t speak the language and would have to provide a living for myself, made this an…

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