I Am A Professional Engineer

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It is not easy to become a successful, professional engineer. A professional engineer requires high responsibility, especially problem-based solving skills to cope with workplace environment and compete with others. Problem-based learning (PBL) is really important to reflect the professional practice of engineers. There have been several definitions of PBL. According to Lizinger, Lattuca, Hadgraft and Newstetter (2011, p.134), PBL is the approach that allows learners to practice finding solutions throughout their academy. Learners in a PBL process have to reflect, identify and learn about the complex problem and the cycle is repeated until learners find a solution that they can do both in writing and presentation. There are some basics of PBL such as decision-making, communication, collaboration, self-regulation, self-motivation and flexibility. These basics are the base for every engineer to become a successful professional practicing engineer.

Decision making ability helps engineers to learn deeply from the problems and have ability to analyse and get the detail of the problems before planning to solve them. Deep learners focus on the problem carefully and get all information about it. Lizinger, Lattuca, Hadgraft and Newstetter (2011, p.126) state that the experiences of the effective learning from deep learning leads learners to understand key words and general principle to develop both technic and profession. Not only deep learning, decision-making ability improves…

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