I Am A Professional Teacher

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To be a professional teacher, it takes skill to train young minds. Education is extremely important to go through. Teachers have many different philosophies to choose from when teaching in a classroom. Out of the five philosophies, I ranked the highest in Essentialism and Progressivism. Both of these philosophies are taught entirely different from each other. Essentialism is teacher-centered learning and expresses the teaching by the core curriculum. Progressivism is student-centered learning and expresses the teaching by doing group work. I believe that a classroom should be divided between using both philosophies. I believe that a teacher should stick to the core curriculum, but a teacher should also let the students learn by working together in small groups. The teacher is still giving lectures in front of the classroom, but there is still group work throughout the week. From experience, I think a combination of both would make the perfect classroom setting. When a classroom is both teacher-centered and student-centered, students will gain a better education in my opinion. The purpose of education is to further the knowledge of a student. Education is meant to teach students the essentials of education and to create a better understanding of real-world experiences. From the philosophies, I agree with, education is working towards students with their knowledge and living in society. Education needs to help students to not only become smarter, but also be able to work in…

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