I Am A Professor At Texas State University

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Diversity Role
My name is Alyssa Nguyen and I am a professor at Texas State University. I like to define myself by the things that I love and what I have accomplished in life. Unfortunately, others define me by my accent. It is difficult living in America with English as my second language (Question 1). When people sign up for classes, they avoid Asian-sounding last names. On websites such as Rate My Professor, students rate “American” last names 80 percent higher on clarity than Asian professors (Jaschik, 2015). I have worked very hard to learn English and am proud of how I have prospered. Having English as a second language has given me many opportunities in adapting to other cultures, participating in intercultural communication and overcoming diverse stereotypes (Thesis Statement).
Although I come from a different country, my day is not much different than the average American. I eat, sleep, work, cook, clean and also breathe the same air all of you breathe every day. When I wake up, I make breakfast and head to school to see all my striving pupils and prepare them for their lessons of the day. After work, I sometimes like to practice yoga, cook something new (no not sushi), or even go out with a few friends of mine (Question 2). Working as a professor at Texas State has been an amazing experience. I work in the Mathematics Department as an Algebra teacher. My favorite thing about teaching algebra is getting to see the look on the students’ faces when they finally
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