I Am A Prospective Secondary English Teacher

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I am a prospective Secondary English teacher; therefore, this career equity report will be focusing on high school teachers. Before researching, I would like to write down what I already know about teachers. Compared to many other professions, the average salary is low and the number of women in the occupation is high. However, I am planning to teacher English in Japan after graduating from college; therefore, I will try to incorporate something about Japan’s English teachers as well. I would like to teach English in Japan for about 3 years through the Japanese English Teacher Programme (JET) before I find a job with a private school. Along with teaching, I plan on working as a freelance translator for companies. Overview Unlike most elementary school teachers, a high school teacher is affluent in one teaching subject, i.e., English, Math, etc. Aside from standard subjects, there are also teachers who specialize in English as a second Language) and English speakers of other language (ESOL) (Bureau of Labor). The primary goal of a high school teacher is to prepare their students for success after graduating high school. The skills that the students learn in the classroom will assist them in getting in to college or the workplace. A teacher’s work is composed of class time (physically lecturing and teaching students), Planning, meeting with other teachers and staff, parent teacher conferences, and grading. Teaching is an extremely work intensive job that requires one to work
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