I Am A Proud Aunt Of A 2-Year Old Beautiful Baby Girl.Her

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I am a proud aunt of a 2-year old beautiful baby girl. Her name is Julianna Rasberry. Right now, she currently attends A Mother’s Heart Daycare facility. Last week, Julianna had a pretty tough week. On Monday, she came home with scratches all over her face. Her teacher explained to me that one incident occurred in the playroom area earlier that morning, after Julianna had been dropped off. All of the kids gathered in the big playroom that morning, when their parents dropped them off. So, her teacher was not able to explain one of the scratches on her face. The other two scratches occurred in the classroom that day. The teacher stated that Julianna had hit one of her classmates in the face, as the little girl was trying to sit in…show more content…
These elements are being able to listen to the opinions of others, even when their opinions differ from her’s and having a sense of self-respect. The first strategy that I would recommend would be to incorporate Julianna within the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meetings. I know that it would be a challenge for a 2-year old to sit through the whole entire meeting, so I would have her present for the first five minutes, at the beginning of the meeting and then would have her sent back to play with her classmates. This would help to make her aware of the fact that her teacher and I do communicate regarding her academic and behavioral performance. It may also make her aware of the fact that her behavior is being recorded/kept track of and will not be tolerated. This strategy will allow her to work on listening to other people’s opinions and self-respect. Another strategy that could be used is for her teacher to make note of her behavior on her daily classroom report form that is sent home with her each day. This can be reviewed by Julianna’s parents and with Julianna at home, so that she knows that her parents know what is going on at school. Time out is another strategy that should be incorporated within the classroom setting. This will not only help to immediately address the inappropriate behavior, but it will also help Julianna to work on her listening skills and allow her time to think about what she

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