I Am A Psychology Major At Brigham Young University

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1. Tell me about yourself.
I am currently a Psychology major at Brigham Young University. I am graduating in April 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Psychology and a double minor in Family Life and Gerontology. This coming December 2016, I will be applying to the Masters of Social Work program at both BYU. I hope to become a medical social worker and be employed in a hospital as a child life specialist or a therapist for cancer patients and families. I’m attracted to social work because I served a service mission for 18 months in Guatemala teaching ecclesiastical principles and providing service to hundreds of Guatemalans. I left my heart there and came back with a determination to help those in need. With my educational background and my ability to speak Spanish, I am confident that I will be able serve many people in need. I have been able to volunteer as a Hospice Relief Supporter, a volunteer teacher at the Utah State Hospital, a volunteer at the crisis line, and as the Volunteer Coordinator at Camp Kesem (a free summer camp for children whose parents are affected by cancer). The more I volunteer, the more experience I gain and the greater my desire for social work grows. 2. What are your strengths and weaknesses? (List 2 each)
Strength 1: I am very organized and I am able to stay on top of multiple tasks at once. I am currently a TA and a full-time student, and a volunteer at the crisis line and at Camp Kesem. Because of my responsibilities, I need to stay actively organized…
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