I Am A Public Library

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There’s something about a public building that doesn’t always feel public. A gym is often public, but it’s very hard to feel comfortable there as just anybody. Morton has always been well known for having people judging on irrelevant things that don’t really describe a person. I hear parents, children, grandparents all passing judgement on things that don’t matter in the scheme of things. I’ve always felt you should ignore many things about people as long as they 're good people and nice. This opinion is not shared everywhere you go in Morton, however I’ve seen interesting characters come to Morton Public Library in my years of going there. It doesn’t matter who they are, what they’ve done, they’re always welcome there. People, technology, times, and general life changes have affected the library, and the library has stayed strong throughout it all with a welcoming environment. People, none of them are the exact same. It’s very hard to reach a large audience. A room full of paper with words on it is dying with all the mediums for books the world faces. Morton Public Library has managed to appeal to people of all races, age, and creed. You can find in there light cherry wood tables with scuffs and eraser marks and shavings on them. The eraser shavings lay still on the wood casting a small shadow typically going unnoticed. Chairs are old and cushioned with what appears and feels to be a blue carpet type texture. Cheesy posters made to appeal to all, “Spice Up Your Life”
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