I Am A Quiet Person Essay

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I’m a quiet person. I’ve always been a quiet person, even in my past life. The life I had before this new one. Though I was a pretty normal person I would say. I knew Heartbreak and teenage fever just like any other teen. I’m always mad and overly sensitive. Everything I felt in my past life, I feel in this life, only ten times worse. Except only now, these traits come with powers. My anger strikes at any moment and I blow up. Also I could burst into a puddle of tears at any second. There he was Dean Marintino. He was my first love in our past life. He doesn't know that though. Also, he broke my heart, he doesn't know that either. I know that, I know a lot of things I’m not supposed to remember from the past life. I think maybe that’s why I still get mad all the time. Maybe that’s why I blow up how I do. No one was cursed with this remembrance, but me.…show more content…
What is the point though?. He won’t know what he did wrong. There is no way I could tell anyone what I know. It stuck in the back of my head and in my heart. Control was what I had to learn. Was not very good with control when I did not have powers. Now I know the dangers of blowing up. Sitting in my chair I thought “I could really accidently burn this place down, if I wanted too”. Fire was much like the anger I felt. Water was much like the love I felt. They mixed together like paint in my heart. I only felt the pain when Dean was around. Deep down, he still had my heart. There are greater powers that could snap my power away from me at any minute. It was best if I kept to myself. We get our powers from our hearts, you gain what you feel deep

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