I Am A Roger Or Anita Radcliffe

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In a world where you want to be a Roger or Anita Radcliffe, most of us end up being a Cruella De Vil without even knowing it. 101 Dalmatians is a perfect example of why we should spay or neuter our pet(s). Most of us know this cute, somewhat terrifying, Disney movie where 15 innocent puppies get stolen by the evil Cruella De Vil for their furs. They end up escaping, along with the rest of the pups stolen from other homes, to find one loving home. But imagine this, imagine if the place they ended up going to wasn 't an old abandon house but an animal shelter in your neighborhood. Imagine if they didn’t escape or get adopted into a loving home but they were put down because there are too many pups and not enough people or homes. 15 puppies can turn into 225 puppies if each pup in the first generation had a litter. Think about it, are all of those dogs going to find homes? “Spaying or neutering a single pair of unsterilized cats or dogs will literally save the lives of thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies” “Spaying and Neutering Information”. There are many many problems caused from not spaying or neutering your pet including overpopulation, health problems, and behavioral issues. To help end this nationwide problem we need to examine the causes and effects that come when you don’t spay or neuter your pet and go over the solutions to fix it. Animal overpopulation is a huge problem and you, and every other human, contributes to this problem when you don’t spay or neuter

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