I Am A Rwandan Who Respect Culture And Values Of Rwandans

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Concerning my life, I’m a Rwandan who respect culture and values of Rwandans. As a person who is personally responsible for my life, I always do my best to strive for progress and success. Since my childhood, my life was not a very easy one. Consequently, I did not have everything that I needed. Nevertheless, my life’s experience has encouraged me to work hard and take advantage of all opportunities can positively change the course of my live. Being eligible to applying for this scholarship, itself, is a result of my hard work.
I am the first born child of my family. I was born in 1994. This is the same year that our country experienced a genocide. My father died when I was three years old. This has negatively impacted my life, because he was the provider of our family. Since then, my mom has had to fill the gap so that we can survive. In addition to that, we lived in a rural area where there was no electricity, and few or no infrastructure at all. In my village, families usually did not send their children to school until they were 10 years old. Back then, no nursery schools were there, we had to start from the first grade of the primary school. My mom would be working at the plantation every day, while I had to stay home alone. At age of five, I had an idea of starting school. One day, after my mom left home, I followed primary school students to school. Arriving at school, they showed me where the first grade class was located and told me to go tell the teacher that
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