I Am A Same Sex Club

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The activity I decided to carry out was attend a same sex club with a same sex friend and to dance. On September 7, 2015 Emily and I, did just that. Emily my heterosexual best friend has an open mind towards new experiences, so I thoughts she would be a perfect candidate. She and I both feel that every human being deserves equality regardless of sex, sexual orientation, identity, or race. When I told Emily about the assignment she was thrilled to be a part of an eye opening experience. The club Emily and I attended was the “Dark Lady”. I have heard of many gay scenes, but not many in providence were lesbian clubs. The Dark Lady has a combination of men and women who are gay and lesbian. Dark Lady has a variety of events going on like karaoke, live bands, and drag shows to name a few, but on the night I went it was just another Saturday. The music was loud, but not blearing, so I could still carry a conversation with Emily. There were groups of people dancing and individuals dancing. Some were hanging by the bar enjoying drinks. Like many I made the assumption that everyone there was gay or lesbian, until I seen a friend of mind that was heterosexual. I then thought to myself it’s silly to assume that everyone in the club might be a part of the LGBTQQ. It’s like saying everyone is a heterosexual bar or club will be straight. I realized that men and women that are gay and lesbian tend to go to a gay or lesbian bar to dance, laugh, and have a good time “without feeling

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