I Am A Second Generation Mexican American And The Last Of Seven Children

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I am a second generation Mexican-American and the last of seven children. My siblings and I were born and raised here in the United States with a mix of Mexican and American values. Our parents migrated to the U.S. at an early age in search of the American dream. Both my mother and father left their families in Mexico to start a better life for themselves and their future children. Our home was like most Latin homes with respeto and familismo as being important child-rearing values. My father and mother instilled upon us to be, first and for most, respectful and obedient not only to them but also with the older adults in our family. Any time we went to a party or gathering of some sort we were always obligated to shake the hand of each adult as a sign of respect. Even now being adults and having our own families our parents still expect us to abide by those values. They believed that it was important that we understood the importance of family and helping each other. We were taught to help each other and take care of each other first rather than look out for ourselves. When the oldest siblings were able to have jobs they helped my parents with bills at home. My parents never forced them to help but because they always helped us when we were in need my siblings and I always felt like it was our duty to return the good that our parents had done for us. No one complained and no one ever denied my parents when they needed something. To this day my oldest siblings will still
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