I Am A Sense Of Reality

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Knowing My Stranger A sense of reality was the definition that I was given of worldview, but what does “a sense of reality” really mean to me? After further discussion in class, I began to understand the meaning of this definition a little bit better. Worldview is the framework to the ideas and beliefs that I may have that help me interpret the world and how I may relate with it. Also, another way I looked at worldview to understand it better is that worldview is my perception of the universe, mankind, and our place in it. People’s worldview make-up their personal identity. Everyone looks at the world differently only because of their own culture, the way they were raised, and personal experiences they have been through. This then makes…show more content…
Hospitality is a lively, courageous, and convivial way of living that challenges our compulsion either to turn away or to turn inward and disconnect ourselves from others. In present day the concept of hospitality has changed into a more commercial industry method of hospitality. Hospitality is a personal response to your own need to connect with other people. Institutions are essential to the practice of hospitality, is not simply a matter of pleasantries but of finding ways to identify with the experiences and perspectives of marginalized people. Due to hospitality being transformed into an industry and organizations running what hospitality is, we have lost that ability to create connections with strangers. Throughout our readings the authors continue to express how hospitality should/needs to come from those of privilege. The belief is that those of privilege are responsible to attempt to marginalize themselves to attempt a sense of understanding of those living in the margins. Upper socio economic status provides those who are privileged with the ‘proper’ tools to provide those who are the least, last, and lost, with proper hospitality. At least this is what most believe, I would argue against it. “Once we have found the center of our life in our own heart and have accepted our aloneness, not as a fate but as a vocation, we are able to offer freedom to others. Once we have given up our desire to be fully fulfilled, we can
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