I Am A Social Worker

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am Matthew Blake Paul Peterson and I am applying to be a social worker. The reason that I am applying to be a social worker is that I want to help those in need. The reason I am wanting to help those in need. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources of having someone there to assist them, a support system, or having someone to listen to them. As I was growing up I did have these resources available to me and I still continue to have these resources at my disposal. Being a social worker would give me the abilities to give these resources to my clients. This is not the only reason that I am wanting to be a social worker. I know being a social worker is not meant for everyone. Social work is meant for the people with the drive to help those in need. I have always found myself to be the type of person that is willing to do what it takes to help my friends and family. In my point a view a social workers is a person that is selfless. I have found myself to be selfless often even in times that I should be selfish. I want to be a social worker because all I have wanted to do is help others. I made the decision to become a social worker my second year attending Dodge City Community College when I met Rekala Tuxhorn. She played a large role in my desire in wanting to become a social worker. I did not grow up in a traditional home setting. I did not know my biological father. The man that helped my mother raise me was my half-sisters biological father. He is the man that I
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