I Am A Soldier And A Good Person

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The army has taught me so many great things. It taught me how to be a disciplined soldier and a good person. I was inexperienced of life before I joined the army. Therefore, I was overwhelmed of life lessons when I came to basic training. However, I learned the seven army values which were loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity and personal courage; I experienced every value throughout my training process. They help me to discipline myself to be a good soldier and a good person. The value that I honored most was integrity. I was taught that integrity was doing what’s right, legally and morally. However, throughout my training experience, I understand integrity as fearless, to tell the truth, responsible for your own action, and hardworking. Integrity means the courage, to tell the truth. In the beginning of my training process, I was told to study the seven army values by heart. I didn’t understand why my drill sergeants made such a big deal about those values. The seven words were easy to remember, and we all knew the meaning of them. However, I changed my mind when I witness Lopez’s situation. Lopez ate a Twister bar and left its wrap in the trash can. My drill sergeants found out about it and questioned the whole platoon. Lopez was fear of the punishment, so he didn’t admit his wrong action. Lopez was considered having no integrity by the whole platoon. However, Lopez wasn’t the only one who was accused of having no integrity; my drill sergeants were
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