I Am A Sophomore Pursuing Management Engineering

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I am currently a sophomore pursuing Management Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering. I have spent majority of my life in Mumbai, India. Living in Mumbai taught me that life is not fair and you need to be one step above the others to succeed. Mumbai is the most populated city in India with a population of around 12 million and everyone out here wants to leave an impact on the world, hence it’s called the city of dreams in India. I grew up in a small family of four people but we met our extended family every weekend. Everyone in my family is a leader in their own way. My dad runs a Dubai based shipping company in India, my uncle runs a pharmacy company and my mom takes care of the house and office files. Since the very beginning my dad has told me about how it is very important to understand and perfect leadership skills. He always tells me, “Everyone has a leader hidden in them, our goal should be to find our inner leader and enhance those qualities to try to survive in the real world.” The disadvantage of living in India is that the education system is not built in a way to find your inner leader, it’s all about textbook learning and writing exams. There is no hands on experience or group projects. So I had to make the best of what I had. I always tried to volunteer in helping for school dramas and talent shows to try to find my inner leader. After playing for three straight years in my area soccer team, I was finally given a chance to be
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