I Am A Strong Believer Of Feminism And Lesbian Rights

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Hannah Sanders
Peace Studies
27, September 2016
Peace Women Paper
Peace Women I am a strong believer in feminism and lesbian rights. I chose to research five women from different places across the world who took a stand for lesbian rights. These ladies include: Zohl de Ishtar (Australia), Haya Shalom (Israel), Izabela Jaruga (Poland), Lo Sai “Rose” Wu (China, Hong Kong), and Chuen Juei Ho (China, Taiwan). The first peace woman I want to talk about is Zohl de Ishtar. Zohl is an “Australian lesbian who helps women in Australia on projects in communities and even world wide” (PeaceWomen Across the Globe). By working on the international level she is able to work with a diverse number of people. “She has worked to eliminate nuclear weapons and militarism, campaigned to improve the rights of all peoples, defended cultural integrity and strived to end any form of discrimination, with an emphasis on sexuality” (PeaceWomen Across the Globe). Zohl not only wants to help women with a so called unusual sexual orientation, but also the general public.
The second peace woman I want to talk about is Haya Shalom from Israel. Haya is a feminist sponsoring human rights as a lesbian. “She is one of the most well-known women supporting women’s unity for peace and women’s rights” (PeaceWomen Across the Globe). I respect Shalom for having such an impact on women’s rights while being a lesbian. I cannot see the journey to gain rights being an easy task for her. I read that Shalom participated…

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