I Am A Student And Radical Protester At Virginia Polytechnic Institute

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I am currently a student and radical protester at Virginia Polytechnic Institute or “VPI” in the spring of 1970. My purpose of writing to you is to present a student point of view on the current growing campus unrest at my university due to the anti-war movement and its opposition. I believe that the United States involvement in the Vietnam war is one huge costly mistake that could have easily been avoided. The war had nothing to do with the United States originally as Ho Chi Minh, the leader of North Vietnam, was not seeking help from other communist nations and America made what was going to be just a civil war into something much greater. As a result of this we students have the right to voice our disapproval and express our opinions in anyway we choose. The reason why I have chosen to be a radical protester is because that is the only way our voices are going to be heard by President Nixon. Whereas those who consider themselves as “moderate anti-war protesters” are not doing enough to be recognize; The war supporter are being brainwashed by the government into thinking it 's for the greater good of the nation and are blinded by what is actually happening overseas; The silent majority are apathetic to an issue that they should care about due to the size of the issue and its effect both on domestic and foreign fronts. First, I would like to present a little background information to present the origins of the current problem transpiring at my university for a better

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