I Am A Student At Feather River College

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I am currently a student at Feather River College and have, so far, been thoroughly enjoying my educational experience here. However, it has come to my attention that the retention rate at our college is only 52 percent which is low compared to other community colleges in the surrounding area. Butte College, for example, has a retention rate of 70 percent with nearly nine times the annual enrollment of Feather River College. I believe that the high percentage of students who do not return to Feather River College after their first year may be due in part to the absence of many popular majors from the school’s curriculum. Psychology, for instance, is a very high demand major that most community colleges offer. In not offering popular majors such as this, Feather River College is forcing many students already enrolled to look elsewhere for their higher education, and also discouraging other prospective student from applying at all. I believe that adding a Psychology major to the curriculum, and possibly more majors in time, will boost the school’s retention rate and enrollment, increasing the school’s income through tuition and also bringing in employment opportunities. Though it may sound daunting, adding a Psychology major to Feather River College’s curriculum would not be all that difficult. Only six more courses would need to be added to the current curriculum to make it possible, one of which can be taught by the existing Biology professor. For the other five courses a

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